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  • Stephanie Kronson

Picking Up Pace After Lockdown

The global pandemic has derailed us all.

As organisations working to support families, our priorities naturally shifted to resource the most immediate and pressing needs as we began to navigate uncharted waters in the face of the challenges of reduced income and furlough.

When the jury is finally out, we may well discover that the scale has tilted in the other direction; lockdown deaths may significantly outstrip Covid-19 deaths:

From a reduction in life saving early disease detection and intervention to the devastating long-term consequences of increased poverty as employers scale back or close shop.

There has never been a better time to consolidate our resources. It is both more responsible and savvier to save money and amplify reach and impact, through collaboration. This partnership is all about the people we serve and how best to serve them.

We are like-minded in our family-centred, collaborative and agile working methods; our commitment to evidence and best practice; our appreciation of the steps we need to take to make sure that we support those who stand to benefit the most; our understanding of the importance of a sustainable model; and the value we place on data mining and data-driven insights to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Having just taken the baton, I look forward to building on the excellent work so far and to help drive this project forward. Much will have moved on for individual organisations since conversations first began and our respective activities and achievements are likely to further enhance and enrich our collaboration.

A partnership of this size does have practical challenges so as soon as our first order of business is out of the way: making sure all partners have agreed to the Charter, Terms of Reference and Memorandum Of Understanding; we will agree work streams – ensuring all the while that everyone has access to all parts of the project via a collaborative workspace, as part of our commitment to integrity and transparency.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many thought leaders and look forward to the next nine months – a heartfelt thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund for awarding an extension.

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